Author/Ally/Activist/Religious Scholar. Exposing the man-made flaws in religion that diminish the pure love of God

<The Church Ladies gasp and clutch their pearls. The Patriarchy shouts, “Whore!”>

Song of Solomon~ “Loved” by Sevgi Master

Sex is awesome! It is physically and emotionally beneficial.

It provides the ultimate physical pleasure.

Sex can induce euphoria and ecstasy.

It is uniting, creating bonds, and releasing tension.

It’s so amazing, “Oh God!” is the natural response.

Jesus’s strength was not in his political power; his power was in compassion.

Jesus’s status was not because of his wealth; he was homeless and said riches led to corruption.

His influence was not because of an armory. He told his disciples to put down their weapons and turn the…

How do I choose where to stand?

I just unfriended a bunch of Trumpsters and when do, I feel hopeless. I feel like I’m turning my back on my brothers (it’s almost always men) and possibly missing an opportunity to educate them or pull them out of the indoctrination. But that’s just my ego thinking I…

Shared by a friend but originally posted by the Facebook group “Proud Deplorables.”

Scrolling through Facebook and this meme came across my thread.

Shivers ran through my body. I angrily responded, “Says the man who never served and threatened to shoot the last presidential candidate and the last President. If that is what you consider a patriot, you might want to revisit its…

Ground Zero for “Christ’s Return”

Nearly every Sunday, my Pastor would arrive at the podium and rhetorically ask the congregation, “Is today the day that Christ returns?” Depending on the day, my thoughts would range from, “No! I still have things I want to do!” To, “Yes! Let’s get this party started!”

Regardless of my…

Rev. Dr. Sheri Pallas

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